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SmartXide DOT Laser Mexico

Laser Facial Resurfacing CO2

Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles are removed using carbon dioxide (CO2) that resurfaces several layers of damaged skin. These procedures also help to soften lines around the eyes and mouth and minimize facial scars and unevenly pigmented areas.

The procedure takes approximately one hour – depending on the area to be treated. Some cases may require more than one session – six at the most.

A topical anesthesia is used.

This is an outpatient procedure.

Possible Side Effects:
Temporary swelling of the resurfaced area along with mild discomfort, lightening or darkening of treated skin (hypo/hyper-pigmentation), acute sun sensitivity and/or increased sensitivity to makeup and skin care products. A pinkness or redness of the skin may persist for up to 2 months.

Burns or injuries caused by the laser’s heat, scarring, abnormal changes in skin color, flare-up of viral infections (cold sores) and rarely, other infections.

The patient may return to work after approximately one week. More strenuous activities may be resumed after two weeks. Complete fading of redness can take up to two months. The patient should avoid ultraviolet light exposure for three to six months. The use of sun blocks that contain UVA and UVB protection is very helpful and strongly recommended.

Long lasting, but this procedure does not stop the aging process. New wrinkles and expression lines may form as the skin continues to age.