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Body Procedures
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Body procedures offer options to patients seeking a more aesthetic and physically fit appearance. These procedures are more customizable and advanced than ever before. Dr. Jorge Echeagaray offers a full spectrum of options for patients seeking body procedures in Guadalajara.


Abdominal surgery, also called a tummy tuck, restores a slimmer midsection. If childbirth or dramatic weight loss has resulted in loose and sagging skin, drooping muscles, and excess fat, then an abdominoplasty can help. This procedure can achieve impressive results by trimming excess tissue and repairing damaged underlying muscles.

Arm Lift

Loose and hanging skin under the arms can be corrected with an arm lift, or brachioplasty, surgery. This procedure reshapes and contours the arms by removing excess skin and fat. Results are immediately visible.

Body Lift

A body lift is often the recommended procedure for patients who have lost significant weight. This procedure contours several areas of the body at once. During a body lift, excess skin tissue is removed around the entire circumference of the waistline. Excess fat is also addressed.


Innovative BodyTite technology tightens skin and reduces excess underlying fat tissue to define contours. This minimally invasive treatment uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis, or RFAL, to melt excess fat. The radiofrequency energy also encourages collagen production to tighten the skin naturally over time.

Buttock Augmentation

Consider buttock augmentation with implants when a more projected and enhanced derriere is the goal. The structure of implants used for buttocks is sturdier than those used for breast augmentation and is available in different sizes.

Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is the next generation of minimally invasive fat removal. The targeted power of laser heat melts fat tissue for easier suction removal from compact areas. This reduces regions in volume for a contoured appearance.


For patients seeking to reduce excess fat deposits, the time-tested effectiveness of liposuction is still the gold standard. This procedure involves insertion of a cannula (a thin tube with a sharp end), followed by application of medical suction to remove excess fatty tissue. Liposuction is often an excellent complement to other procedures.

Male Breast Reduction

The appearance of excess male breast tissue, or gynecomastia, may be eliminated in several ways. Techniques like excision of glandular breast tissue, removal of excess skin, and liposuction may all be performed.

Thigh Lift

Improve lower-body symmetry with sleeker thighs thanks to a thigh lift. Streamlined thigh contours can enhance lower-body aesthetics in both women and men.

Your Consultation

A consultation with Dr. Echeagaray is the next step to determine the appropriate body procedure to meet your aesthetic goals. You and Dr. Echeagaray will discuss your reasons for seeking a body procedure and how you hope to benefit. The doctor will examine your anatomy and skin-tissue density, and he will also thoroughly review your medical history.

After the appropriate body procedure is chosen, the doctor will create a surgical plan. A date will then be set for your procedure.

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Ready to learn more about body procedures? For international patients, pre-travel consultations are available electronically. Dr. Echeagaray and his dedicated team look forward to meeting you to help you determine if a body procedure in Guadalajara is right for you.

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