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Male Breast Reduction

Dr. Echeagaray can help you restore a naturally manly appearance to your chest by performing male breast reduction surgery, also called gynecomastia reduction surgery. Gynecomastia is a condition in which men’s breasts become enormous or overdeveloped. It can occur at any age. This procedure reduces overly developed male breasts and nipples to provide a masculine chest appearance.

Excess breast tissue in extreme cases of gynecomastia can cause the breasts to sag and stretch the areola; these issues can both be addressed through male breast reduction surgery. Specialized techniques allow for speedy surgery, quick recuperation, and nearly imperceptible surgical marks.

Male Breast ReductionProcedure
Male breast reduction surgery reduces overly developed male breasts and nipples using liposuction and/or by surgically removing excess glandular tissue.

The male breast reduction procedure’s incisions will be made under the armpit or around the areola, depending on your needs and Dr. Echeagaray’s chosen method. These incisions will allow for the extraction of superfluous fatty tissue with liposuction, as well as the excision of extra glandular tissue and skin tissue.

Approximately one and one-half to three hours.

Either general anesthesia is used or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia are used.

This is an outpatient procedure.

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Possible Side Effects
Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, soreness, and/or a burning sensation are possible.

Infection, fluid build-up, injury to the skin, rippling or looseness of the skin, asymmetry, pigmentation changes, excessive scarring if tissue was cut away, loss of nipple sensation, contour irregularities and in some instances the need for a second procedure to remove additional tissue is required.

After male breast reduction surgery, prescribed pain relievers are frequently used to relieve discomfort, and a post-operative elastic garment is worn for several weeks. A follow-up visit may be scheduled for the patient the next day or after 48 hours.

The patient may go back to work after seven days. More strenuous activity may be resumed after two to three weeks. Most of the swelling and bruising will disappear after three to six months.

Initial results will be immediately evident in the form of less chest fat and breast tissue, as well as a more masculine physique. The final outcome of your gynecomastia surgery may take three to six months to be fully apparent.

Results are permanent, although subsequent weight gain may cause the breast area to once again become larger. Thus, it is best to maintain a healthy exercise regimen and diet.

The Cost of Male Breast Reduction
Several factors can influence the price of gynecomastia surgery, including medical testing, surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and post-surgical garments. Health insurance does not cover the cost of male breast reduction surgery, since it is a purely cosmetic procedure.

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